About 20 minutes ago I was all set to write up a post about how the Wisconsin basketball team played without toughness today against Texas.  (I will say that they never teach their guys to finish their shots strong.  They’ll be 2 feet from the basket and they’ll put up a little jumper rather than just throwing it down.)  Then they surprised the hell out of me by focusing on the things that they do best.  Running their offense and playing tough defense.

If you get a chance today, and I’m sure that ESPN will show it, watch the finish of the game.  Wisconsin was down two with the ball under the Texas basket.  Michael Flowers brings the ball up the court, works off of a pick and hits a constested three to put the Badgers up by 1 with 2.7 to go.  Flowers then stole the inbounds pass and as he was falling out of bounds, he threw the ball up in the air to kill the rest of the clock.

It was an amazing sequence to end a basketball game.  I still don’t know why Texas didn’t call a timeout (they had 2 left) and inbounded the ball so quickly, but it was an amazing ending to the game.

Oh, and Wisconsin played the game without their leading scorer.

Good times… good times.

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