Sunday Musings

1. I am unashamed to say that when the Patriots were losing, I promptly shut off the TV, text messaged Craig and he proceed to give me play by play of the Patriots win. This is a tried and true system that works, and my team has 16 wins to prove it. Of course Tom Brady realizes that the only way to win is if I turn off the TV. Yes, I’m a bit superstitious here, but if it ain’t broke….

2. Besides, the game is going to be on NFL Network again this week (if you don’t have NFL Network; at the risk of sounding like one of those shills, you are missing out), so I’ll be able to enjoy it again.

3. Watching the post game show, hearing the Giants complain about the refs was hysterical. Maybe they should watch the replay. The Pats defender did not take the guy down in the end zone, he fell on him. Deal with it.

4. Glen and I recorded our year end podcast last night. We talk about the games of the year across all platforms. I went old school.

5. Speaking of old school, I purchased Blades of Steel because Glen kept yapping about it. I forgot how much fun 20 year old games can be. The graphics and sound are atrocious for this day and age but the gameplay is still fun. Besides you know you want to hear “with the pass” over and over again.

6. Because I also do everything Bill Harris tells me to do, I purchased Fairway Solitaire. This game has taken over my life. I don’t know who said, hey let’s combine golf with a solitaire game but over the past two days, it’s pretty much all I’ve played at the expense of my reviews and other game playiing. Bill, I’m not going to listen to you again, I should not be playing a f@#$ing solitaire game for 8 hours over two days.

7. Wanting to blow out Best Buy reward certificates, my son wanted Battle of the Pacific for the 360. Looks like the History Channel people learned their lesson after Civil War. I mean don’t mistake it for Call of Duty 4, but it looks good and doesn’t play half bad.

8. Oh good, more snow. Could there be any more snow? What a time for my snowblower and power shovel to both decide to crap out. Yes, I’m a very happy camper.

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2 Responses to Sunday Musings

  1. chrisd says:

    Dan, you turned off the game again? I’m shocked.

    Agree completely about the NFL Network. Best invention for pro football fans since the Sunday Ticket.


  2. RumbleDan says:

    Are you going to turn off playoff games also?

    Do you wear the same outfit week to week, or eat the same meal on gameday? How far do you take those silly superstitions?

    I wonder what would happen if you never turned the TV on to begin with?


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