Last Post of 2007

I’m planning that this will be the last post of 2007 unless something big happens. Happy New Year to all of our readers and thanks for reading and subscribing to our podcasts!

Before you spend a dime on the Wii Virtual Console, please note that all 3 games are available on GameTap. If you bought all three games you’d have spent $22. For about double that, okay $60, you could get those 3 games and 950 or so more for a year. And you don’t have to worry about running out of space on your seriously cramped Wii console.

In other news, I forgot to mention I saw National Treasure Book of Secrets over the weekend. Four people for a matinee, and it was only $27 but at Regal Cinema it’s very good — stadium seating, great sound and everything. Reviews of the movie were underwhelming, but if you liked the first movie, you’ll like this one. It has one very stupid turn in the middle of the movie dealing with Mitch but other than that the whole clue thing still is done well. Of course, now I go around the house telling my kids that I see a clue in everything.  I think they are getting annoyed by it now. LOL.

You know what sucks about Xbox Live that no one is talking about? While it’s screwed royally, if you have gone through 23 Xbox consoles, all of the Live Arcade games that you bought on the older consoles don’t work on your new one — only the ones you’ve purchased with the new console are unlocked when you are disconnected from Live. Great digital rights management, Microsoft! A few days ago, EA got the asshat support of the day award, but now it’s all yours! Enjoy!

 One thing I will say about the PS3 that I like is that it seems pretty open — use any memory stick device, use any internal hard drive (as opposed to that overpriced 120GB drive for the 360)….so there is something good to say about that system! On the other hand, not updating their store on a holiday week sucks…so you can’t win with any of them.

 In other news, while reading one of those ‘underrated games of 2007’ lists, I saw TrackMania United for the PC. It seems to be a game that is a lot of fun with some great multiplayer aspects and a fantastic track editor. Check it out here.

 Okay, the Mrs is calling. Have some stuff to do before company arrives.


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