Thursday notes

– Well, EA seems happy to ‘arcadify’ (to coin a new term) their boxing genre. Witness the birth of Facebreaker. I was speaking with Dan about this earlier today… and neither of us can seem to understand why they wouldn’t want to use the Fight Night engine for… oh… I don’t know… Fight Night? Crazy.

– I’ve been hearing a lot about this game called Patapon for the PSP. Seems like a war game crossed with Elite Beat Agents. Sounds fun to me. Plus the $19.99 price point is calling to me. I’ll have to do a pre-order at Gamestop to get the demo and let you all know what I think… if you’re interested.

– Pro Baseball Spirits 5 for the PS3 (oh, and PS2 too)… Confirmed! Here’s the translation over at

I’ll be working on another guide for the game this year. I’ll make sure that I let my wife know that I’ll be saying good-bye to the month of April.

Between PYS 5 and MLB 08… it’s going to be a great March and April.

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