Thursday night thoughts

– Something makes me think that if Brett Favre is going to retire, there will be more of a story than “Text

– I got an email from 2k letting me know that the the first 50,000 people that buy MLB2K8 will receive a Jose Reyes bobblehead (via mail.)   If you’re a Mets fan, probably not a bad incentive for you to pick up the game early.

– The Brewers won their first pre-season game, 7-1… so the press around here will want to start printing playoff tickets.  The team does look like their built for a playoff run, but they do have Gagne…. so there is that.

– C’mon Bucky, beat Izzo’s Spartans.  I hate that guy.

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8 Responses to Thursday night thoughts

  1. RumbleDan says:

    Favre is a douche for this routine that he pulls on a yearly basis.


  2. mightyj says:

    This even made the news on a Canadian sports website…


  3. Glen says:

    If it doesn’t bother the Packers, I don’t know why it bothers anyone else. The media just keeps hyping the damn story. Most people around here barely pay attention to it.


  4. RumbleDan says:

    Yes, but why would the Packers publicly display their frustration? That would probably guarantee that Favre retires. The organization is being held hostage by Favre, IMO.


  5. jonahfalcon says:

    I want to thank Favre for giving the Giants the win with the interception.


  6. Glen says:

    Favre didn’t give the Giants anything. The Giants had that game won about 5 times over before he threw that pick.

    I don’t think the Packers were displaying their frustration… it was just a place holder page that someone found on the website. It’s like all of those CNN pages that are out there in the event that someone dies…

    This year more than any other, I don’t think he’s holding them hostage. I think they’re really ready to move on with Rodgers, so if he calls it a career, no biggy.


  7. RumbleDan says:

    No, the Packers were not displaying their frustration. Like I said, they aren’t going to do that. There is absolutely nothing the Packers can say, other than to support Favre and the 2 months it takes him to make a decision.

    Do you think that Rodgers is the future? Ouch. I hope, for Packer fans, that GB drafts a QB.


  8. Glen says:

    He showed in the Dallas game that he has a pretty good grasp of the system. I think he’s watched enough now to be a good enough answer at QB.


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