Fun Friday

Because I was stupid and sent my editor a Word 2007 documents, today’s TWID is a little late. Sorry!

1. The new Guitar Hero No Doubt songs are HARD, even on medium. Of course when you have serious tendonitis in your right arm, it makes the game that much more difficult.

2. Happy Birthday to Revolution striker Taylor Twellman, who turns 7 today. Well he’s actually 28, but he’s born on a leap year. LOL.

3. Speaking of footy, nice to see Philadelphia get a MLS team. I love the East Coast rivalries.

4. Wow, I guess I’m weird because I’m enjoying Turning Point…but not many others are…

5. I love, love love, Konami’s Basketball game on the DS. It rulez.

6. How about that Lost. That show should be called WTF becuase I never have a clue as to what’s going on.

7. Hey, for those of you who don’t like snow, there’s snow. Another Jonah-sized amount of snow is coming tonight and tomorrow. I cannot tell you how @#$%ing sick I am of @#$@#$ing snowblowing. If any communities affected by drought would like to come up here and take this crap out of my front yard, I’ll give it away. 🙂


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4 Responses to Fun Friday

  1. knowledge24 says:

    Hey, what is that basketball game from Konami on DS called?


  2. Dan says:

    The game is actually a compilation of 14-15 arcade classics including Contra, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Rush’n Attack, Tutenkham (now called something stupid) and Super Basketball (now called Basketball).

    Only $14.99


  3. jonahfalcon says:

    Philly also got Asaunte Samuels


  4. chrisd says:

    Has anyone here picked up MLB08 the Show yet? I read on the OS boards that some people were able to get their hands on it. I preordered through Amazon and haven’t received it yet.


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