Monday Musings

* We weren’t able to record the podcast last night, so I apologize that you weren’t able to get your weekly does of Dan and Glen. We’re planning on recording it tonight, so again, if you have any topics you want us to cover, post in the comments.

* Today’s Amazon DOTD is MLB 2K8 for the PS3. Definitely NOT the best PS3 baseball game, but hey it’s $39.99 (use our Amazon search so we get $0.23 if you buy it LOL).

* VC offerings suck…well there’s a new Sega Master System game, Wonder Boy…and the horrendous Crusin USA for the N64. Blech. Interestingly enough , although we were told that SMS games would be 400 points, this one is 500 points. Go figure.

* GameStop/EB now allow you to use your gift cards (Edge) card online, and create wishlists, and cancel pre-orders. You will soon also be able to preorder online and pick up in store. Now if you could just buy online and pick up in store for regular items, that would be great. Yay! I was going to try to buy one of those crappy wii games so I have a second wheel for Mario Kart…then I realized that the wheel is stupid.

* The CC 50% off HDDVD sale is either a load or in store only becuase the Transformers HDDVD is still full price. WTF?

* Opening day today. Please let the Orioles win today so we can avoid the 1988 comparisons. My is ready to go at 3PM…We start off playing our direct competition, the Tampa Bay Rays. Orioles..Rays…baseball fever..catch it!

* George Takei is back on Stern this week. Also, supposedly Jose Canseco will be on tomorrow. Should be interesting.


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3 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. crgnjul says:

    Today is not opening day. The Sox / A’s played 2 games last week (yea, I don’t get that – play 2 games then more spring training games) and the Braves played the Nationals last night.


  2. chrisd says:

    As far as podcast ideas:
    The Gameshark piece Bill Abner did about top ten baseball videogames was a fun trip down memory lane. I’m not saying you should do it tonight, but videogame nostalgia might be some good topics for future podcasts. Hardball was great back in my C64 days, but I think I might have played Sporting News Baseball more.


  3. Glen says:

    Dan must have meant Orioles opening day. Of course it’s the Brewers opening day as well, against the Cubs… good times.


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