Monday notes

– Because Dan seems to be URL impared… here is the link to MLB 2K8 for the PS3 at Amazon.

– Also, if you’re in the 2K8 mood.  NHL 2K8 for the 360 has dropped to $20.94.

– If you like racing games and have a Target nearby you may want to check them out.  PGR4 for the 360 was on clearance for $29.98 last week and should be dropping to $14.98 today.

– So, having young kids you have to be incredibly entertained by the stupid things that they do, but hold back on the urge to laugh.  Here’s my example for this week.  I had some friends come over on Saturday night and so I wasn’t paying as much attention to my 3 year old as I should have.  I look up and she’s attempting to beat her, 1 year old, sister over the head with a rug. Not a small rug either.  This was like a 2 by 4 foot rug.  She had semi-rolled it up and was trying to smack her with it.  Needless to say that she was sent to her room for this, but as soon as I closed the door I just about lost it.  That’s the most creative way that I’ve seen thus far that she’s tried to beat up her sister.

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3 Responses to Monday notes

  1. chrisd says:

    If you’re a PS3 owner, is there any reason to get 2k8 over the Show? More minor league teams and stadiums perhaps?

    A few years ago, I was tempted by 2k because it had the World Baseball Classic teams in it.


  2. Glen says:

    If you have a PS3, I would recommend The Show, but there are people that really love the 2K8 franchise and might want to try out the new pitching controls.


  3. Brandon says:

    I think your daughter deserves a medal for most creative use of a throw rug.

    The other day my kid was trying to take out a wasp with a watering can. Not exactly genius material, but, given who his father is, that’s not surprising.


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