GTA a 10? Uh, no.

Well GameSpot (gotta get Spot and Stop right) and IGN both gave this game, GTA IV, a 10. What hookers from the game came over and blew them for that score?

How this game is a 10 and Call of Duty 4 is not is completely beyond me. In my first couple of hours with the game I really haven’t seen a whole lot of “new” here. I have seen horrendously shitty driving models that make me long for the days of Test Drive 2. Walking around is just as agonizingly slow as before. Playing “guide the car/person to the magical arrow to see the cut scene” gets boring fast. Oh but hey, this game is PERFECT!

I’m not trying to say the game can’t be fun; multiplayer has some moments. Isn’t it also great how you have to slog through the opening every time you fire up the 360 so that it can temporarily dump files to the HD? Maybe a full dump like on the PS3 is better? I dunno.

I’m not disappointed with the game, it just seems like it’s more of what we’ve already been playing than anything new and spectacular. Call of Duty 4 was a complete breath of fresh air to the FPS genre.

But hey, WTF do I know. I enjoy Battle of the Bands…well for a time. Then I finished all 30 songs…and now that’s done. LOL.



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