Tuesday Night Thoughts

Last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Fergurson had Morrissey singing a new song sporting an “American Idol” t-shirt. Seriously, this Morrissey night has to happen. Did anyone catch the trainwreck of a show called American Idol tonight?

  • It was hysterical to hear Paula talk to the contestants about their second song, when they only sang once!
  • Obviously the fix is in for David Archuletta to win, seriously, Randy Jackson calling his version of Sweet Caroline “da bomb” rather than “a bomb” was hysterical. Every time I see this kid, I think I’m watching some Up With People experiment gone wrong. David Cook has been impressive and how can you not like Brooke. I thought Syesha was fun. Jason Castro needs to go. The only time he’ll do well is on John Travolta “Let Her In” night. He’s perfect for that song, but that’s about it.
  • This show, in a word, sucked. Neil Diamond rules, but yet this show was just horrendous.

Moving right along – I’ve been pleased — not impressed — but pleased with Battle of The Bands. It’s short, doesn’t have online play, has only 30 bad covers, but it’s quite fun.

I did fine a Perfect Shot controller! Yay!

Morrissey is on Late Late Show again tonight if you want to see him doing an older song. Maybe by the Smiths…we can hope!

Baltimore! Tampa Bay! It’s an AL East battle for First place, tonight! Yeah, that sounds freaking bizarre, but I’m not complaining, especially when it’s now, Baltimore! Boston! It’s a battle for first place. LOL.

While waiting in the waiting room for 4(!) hours at Brigham & Women’s hospital, I really came to enjoy MLB 08 The Show on the PSP. Thank god for free wireless internet so I can play against other people. I just wish I brought my microphone with my headset. :). Then I would have looked weird in the waiting area.

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