Your obligatory GTA IV post

I had preordered at my local GameStop, however, because I wanted to pick up Perfect Shot, I went to another GameStop to pick that up and I figured I’d get GTA 4 there. Funny, because GTA IV was completely sold out unless I preordered. I was shocked. First time in a LONG time I’ve seen that happened.

I went to my local store and the SAME RULE applied. Glad I preordered!


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1 Response to Your obligatory GTA IV post

  1. ratedrstar22 says:

    While I got my copy at Circuitcity with the $10 dollar giftcard, when I walked into walmart they had dozen of copies for both systems. You only really need to preorder when using gamestop because they limit the copies. It’s only one of their many strategies to get you to preorder.


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