Glen’s GTA4 thoughts

Just so you don’t think that I’m stating my opinions without putting any time into the game, I’m 11.72% done, 4:48:37 on the clock, and have completed 15 missions (one completed story arc done as well.)

The first thing I thought after playing the game for about 30 minutes was, are all of these reviewers out of their mind?  This is a 10 out of 10?  Here’s my issues with the game thus far.

– The driving mechanic is still really awkward.  Cars float back and forth across the street.  The fact that
most reviews that I saw talked about how much more accurate the driving model was is just laughable.  These cars drive nothing like they should and it’s just plain frustrating for the first hour of the game.  Once you get used to it, you can handle the driving model… even though I can’t imagine that you will ever like it.

– Language and Drug Use.  Every character drops f-bombs like it was the first word they learned growing up.  People on the street curse you out for walking near them.  The only person I haven’t heard swear is my girlfriend and considering how many times she’s performed the actual physical act on my character, I’m shocked that she hasn’t just yelled it out yet.

As for the drug use… I don’t know…. it’s just way over the top at this point, and I’m less than 5 hours in.

– Mission design.  I’ve already run into missions where you are set up for failure on the first attempt.  For example, (not a spoiler… it’s the second mission) you have to stop a few guys from beating up your cousin.  You take on the first two guys, then you have to chase some guy who is outside of a fenced in basketball court.  Of course he hops into a car right away… and you have no idea where the exit to the fenced in section is.  By the time you figure it out and get to your car, he’s probably already got away.  Jebus help you if you parked in front of the car you need to run to as well.   That’s always been an issue with GTA though, so I’m just disappointed that I saw it rear it’s head so quickly.

– Characters.  I really like the lead character.  I wasn’t sure about him in the first few minutes, but his character is pretty interesting and it’s one that I want to keep hearing more about… but there are just some idiotic things that you see pretty quickly.  For example, he’s from some Eastern European country and has a very strong accent… but for some reason he can understand the Rastafarian character without a single issue.  Hell, I had to turn on the subtitles to figure out what in the hell the guy was saying.  His first mission was a total mystery to me.  I would have really liked it if Niko just shining the guy on, saying things like, “Yep…”  “Uh-huh,” or “You know that’s right.”  But he seems way too well versed in the language… maybe he listened to a lot of Bob Marley in ‘the old country.’

– Dating.  This goes to characters, but the first girlfriend you get has almost made me lose interest in the whole concept.  The first time you pick her up she talks about how you’re wearing the same clothes, which is ok… I guess.  The next time she says, “Hey… nice new car.”  The next time, “Hey, nice new car.”  By the 7th date, wouldn’t you think she would notice that you’ve picked her up with a different car, that also happens to have a smashed out drivers side window?  If you want to put that much focus of the game on the dating aspect and keeping your dates happy, shouldn’t you be trying to confuse them about the fact that you’re rapidly becoming a notorious criminal or is the fact that you’re taking her out to Cluckin’ Bell just so overwhelming that she’s going to over look those facts?

Those are just the issues that come to mind right now, I’ve not even bothered with the multiplayer aspects of the PS3 (Which, in my location are not running right now.)

There are good points to the game, don’t get me wrong.. the graphics on the PS3 version are incredibly impressive, the story is very intriguing thus far, and I haven’t been so frustrated by what I’ve found thus far to want to quit playing… but I’m sorry, this game isn’t anywhere near 10 out of 10.  It’s not even the best game I’ve played this year.    I guess myself, Dan, and Bill Harris will have to disagree with the media on this one.

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2 Responses to Glen’s GTA4 thoughts

  1. ratedrstar22 says:

    I agree, this game is no 10 outta 10. I’m 10% done and I have a lot of the same issues as well.

    One issue you didn’t mention that was a problem for me was the darkness. I couldn’t see anything at night so I had to boost the contrast by a lot. I can see now, but it washes out the colors.

    The language and drug use is something that bothers me too. I mean yeah, it’s a gangster game but the f-bomb every 30 seconds isn’t really necessary. It doesn’t make the story better or improve the plot. Vice city didn’t have all that language and drug use, but it’s still my favorite GTA.


  2. Glen says:

    That was another issue that I had, the brightness that is. I tried the game on two different TV’s (DLP projector and DLP TV) and had to crank the brightness in the game as well as on the TV. I can understand needing to mess with that setting on Doom or Silent Hill, but this game takes place outside for the most part… life just isn’t that dark.


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