Friday notes

– I can’t catch a break. This morning I woke up to shooting pains through my groin and find that the entry point for my procedure is infected. I’m on a run of Cipro and have a 101.5 temp at the moment. It’s just not fair. I just want the whole thing to be done, but it just keeps getting worse every time I think I’m getting better.

– Even with that, I’m hopeful that Dan and I can get a podcast in. As long as I’m just sitting in place, things don’t hurt nearly as much. Of course if you hear our podcast, I’m sure you’ll be feeling some pains.

– Didn’t see any comments from anyone on the Tecmo Bowl videos, so I’m wondering if I’m the only fan of the series here. The online component will be completely broken if you can modify any team so that every player is rated 100. Thankfully, I’m not a big online game player… and you’ll probably be able to avoid it if you play with a good community of friends. We’ll see if they alter it though.

– Quietly, which is the way it should be, the Brewers have won 3 of 4. I do have to say that yesterday’s game was one of the ugliest I’ve ever watched. 11 walks. Tavarez threw 31 pitches in the 9th and 23 of them were balls. That’s just plain nasty.

– Let’s give a shout out to Harvey Korman.  His performance in Blazing Saddles is one of my favorite comedy performances.  Thankfully HDNet has been running the movie for the last few days.  Catch it if you have the channel.  It’s just as funny as I remember it.

– Time for a nap. Hopefully the fever breaks soon.

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