Sunday night notes

– Man, the Cubs get swept and the Brewers can only get 1 win against the Twins.  I guess they consider themselves lucky that they got that, Minnesota has been one of the hottest teams in baseball of late.  Still 4.5 games back is better than where they were a few weeks ago.

– Blizzard is a very smart company.  People go absolutely ape-poop when they announce a new game.  They don’t even care that the game probably won’t come out until 2010.

I’m speaking of Diablo III, of course.  I loved the first and second Diablo’s and as a result of the announcement, I decided to give part 2 a whirl again… and by whirl, I mean ripping through the first Act in about 4 or 5 hours over the last day.  The game is just as great as I remember it being.  Nothing much better than just clicking like mad, looking for loot.  The nice thing is that the newest patch removes the need for the CD being in the drive.  Nice… funny that it took 7 years to get that done.  heh.

The only issue is dealing with 800 by 600 for a gaming resolution.  Man, things look very small when you’re accustomed to your desktop at 1920 by 1280.

– Disappointed to hear that the Top Spin slowdowns from the demo are also in the game.  I’m hopefully that I’ll see my copy of the Wii version within the next day or so.  I have quite a few friends interested in a more realistic tennis game on the Wii.

– Dan and I are getting another special guest for the next podcast, which we are hoping to record on Wednesday.  Should make for a nice show to listen to over the 4th of July weekend.

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2 Responses to Sunday night notes

  1. Brandon says:

    The controls in Top Spin for the Wii are great, but with no create a player mode, the depth is sorely lacking. You can pick one player for one match in the Road to Glory, and then pick another player for the next match. It really takes away from the game. That and there’s no online multiplayer.


  2. jonahfalcon says:

    Actually, Diablo III has been in development since 2005, Glen. Wanna bet it’s Holidays 2008?


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