Monday night notes

– I love the Doug Davis story, but watching him pitch a game is just painful.  He is one of the slowest pitchers that I’ve ever seen.  Of course the game isn’t much fun to watch since Dave Bush is throwing every pitch about belt high.

– Kotaku wins my most idiotic post of the day award.

Does the in-game XMB allow voice-chat? No. Can you browse the internet while playing a game? No. Can you access the in-game XMB while playing a PS2 game or watching a DVD/Blu-Ray? No. Can you change any visual settings while playing a game? No (sound settings, however, gets a “yes”). Can you access the PlayStation Store while playing a game? No. Does it let you invite a friend to a game who’s playing another game? No.

…If the in-game XMB forces you to quit the game to perform most of the functions you’d want to perform in it…then there’s not much point having it available in-game, is it?

Let’s just break all of these down.

  • I’ll start with the voice chat.  Yes, that would be nice.
  • Can you browse the internet while playing a game?  Are you kidding me?  You want to use your PS3 to browse the internet while playing a game?  The PS3 browser and Wii Browser are tied for the least used web browsers in my house.  Browsing on a console is just plain painful… and criticizing Sony for not allowing you to do it while playing a game, is well… silly.
  • Can you access the XMB while playing a movie?  This is one of the most annoying features that I felt the Xbox had.  If I’m watching a movie, do I want to be bothered by everyone on my friends list?  Not really.
  • Can you change visual settings while playing a game?   Changing resolution for a console game would be interesting, but considering the fact that it can’t be done on any console, I don’t know if it would work without causing in-game issues.
  • Can you access the PS Store while in game?  Considering that Playstation downloads need to be installed before they can be used in a game, what good would this feature be?  You can see your downloads that are in progress though, which is something I guess.
  • Can you invite a friend who’s playing another game?  This wouldn’t be bad… so I can see how this should be added.

The whole tone of the article was an incredibly negative one.  Yes, Sony should have had some of these features before, but picking apart every question that was answered in this Q&A is just mean spirited.  Don’t talk about the features that are added, just bash them for features that a great deal of gamers couldn’t care one bit about.

I’m guessing that he’d just rather they scrap the whole thing since you can’t look use the web browser while playing a game.  That seems like a fair trade.

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