Monday notes

Wow, quite the announcement day….. not what I would expect for a Monday.

– Rock Band 2 has been officially announced.  Coming to the 360 in September, other platforms… later.  Very odd.  Microsoft must have handed out the cash again for a slight bit of exclusivity.

– The 2.4 Firmware upgrade for the Playstation 3 comes out on Wednesday.  In game XMB.  Trophy Support.  Customizable soundtracks.

I only wonder if some of the older games will go back and create patches for Trophy support.  I’ll give Super Stardust HD a look to see how the trophy stuff works though.

– Jonah, you’re seriously thinking that Diablo III will be out this year?  Me thinks that you’ve been drinking.  No matter how long it’s been in development, there is no way that game makes it to stores before late ’09… and that’s being generous.  Blizzard has a reputation of ‘when it’s done’ for when they release their games.  It’ll be a while.

– Burnout Revenge for the 360 is $12.99 in store today.  Not a bad price for a Burnout title.

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