MLB Power Pros 2008

Picked up the game today..quick thoughts:

* On the bright side graphics are a step up from NCAA All-Play, but in the same way that the Atari 5200 is better than the 2600…it’s still looking dated.

* Same announcer as last year. Funny to hear him call strikes at the knees when the players have no knees.

* You can use GCN conroller, classic controller, or wiimote & nunchuck

* Contrary to rumors there’s still a Wii remote mode a la Wii Sports (conf call said wii mote was relegated to home run derby, which is nOT TRUE).

* No online. Boo!

* Rosters are better than last year but Luis Hernandez is still an Oriole, who’s last game was 5/27 before being sent down to AAA. Um, that was like two months ago. Still better than opening day, so that’s a plus.

* MLB Life mode is probably where you’ll spend some quality time — however, one big caveat — you don’t play defense unless you are a pitcher — so in that way it’s not like MLB The Show’s RTTS mode. You do however, get to chat up ladies and befriend your coaches…so there’s that.

So far, i’m enjoying it, and haven’t noticed anything broken (then again there is no online. Did I mention that?)

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1 Response to MLB Power Pros 2008

  1. jonahfalcon says:

    I’m hoping the DS version has most of the same features.


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