EA – “Quality is crap”

1. Bill Abner got Madden early. Basically, the verdict: it’s complete shit.

2. Have you tried the demo? All I can say is what the HELL was EA thinking? A HOLOGRAPHIC JOHN MADDEN? I’m sorry, is this 1991…I think we’re beyond that in the technology curve. And the “Madden Test” thing? WTF? So how I run against one defender on a few plays determines my ingame ability and ‘rating’ for all to see? Whe the hell thought this was a good idea? 

I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned off with a game before. Add into that Bill Abner’s comments that in the full game, there are NO CPU Sliders, because hey EA knows your difficultly level, and I just cancelled my preorder. 

I just don’t think there’s another company out there that treats it’s buying public like crap. I got burned on NCAA, and I’m done.

3. Oh yeah, remember how Peter Moore said that Facebreaker was EA’s attempt at bringing fun games like Ready To Rumble over to the next gen? Well they have done it — except it’s without the fun. My god, it’s like play that Rap fighting Icon game where you just beat up on buttons and do nothing else. Completely unfun if you ask me. I wanted both of these games to be enjoyable, but I will say I just saved $120..now if I could only get the $40 trade in even if I don’t buy Madden……

PS. These birthday presents really suck, EA.

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1 Response to EA – “Quality is crap”

  1. Brandon says:

    Just buy Madden with your 40 buck trade in, don’t open it, and then return it. You’ll still get the 40 bucks credit and then you can put it towards something else. EB doesn’t care. I’ve taken advantage of the get x% extra when trading games in towards certain preorders before and just switched my reservation over to something else, and they’ve never said anything.


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