Thursday morning notes

– It’s a good thing that I haven’t been watching any of the Brewer games, due to other commitments.  Seeing a team NEVER get a hit with a runner in scoring position would get pretty damn old, pretty quick.  Thankfully, I haven’t been listening to sports radio around here either…I’m sure that people pushed the panic button already.  It’s only July.  Hopefully things will get better.

– Another thing that I’ve managed to avoid for the last few days is the whole Favre thing.  While I might have cared, even a week ago, I don’t give a tinkers cuss at this point.  The whole thing is souring me on Favre and the Packers organization.  I just hate the whole story and want it all to go away, so that I can think about enjoying watching some football.  Right now, I just can’t see that.

– I spent a bit of time with the success mode in Power Pros 2008 last night.  I don’t know why someone else hasn’t tried to make the same sort of quirky story mode in a sports game before.  Marvin rules.

– As Dan mentioned earlier, the Facebreaker and Madden demos are out.  Considering how pro-EA we are around here, I’m sure that they’ll be stellar titles and will redefine the football and boxing genres respectively.  Seriously though, I’m going to have my wife try to kick off the downloads and I’ll try them out tonight and post my impressions.

Memo to Microsoft: Get remote downloading working on the 360.  I’ve heard that the feature is on the way, and I love that I can use my PSP and use Remote play to kick off Playstation Store downloads before I get home.

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6 Responses to Thursday morning notes

  1. madtowner11 says:

    Instead of not “giving a tinker’s cuss” (what are you a prospector?) about the Favre situation, a more noble thing to do would be to admit that you were wrong about Brett and it’s the Packers front office who is responsible for the current mess.

    I mean, seriously, they offer Brett $20 million to stay away and you still think Brett’s the bad guy?

    I’ve watched with glee over the past few weeks as the majority of people who were against Brett awhile ago have come to realize that he’s done nothing egregious throughout this mess and it’s Ted Thompson who needs to pull his head out of his butt on this one.


  2. Glen says:

    I won’t absolve anyone of their blame in this.

    I don’t think Brett is entirely to blame, nor do I think that the organization is entirely to blame.

    If they all would have sat down and talked about it when Brett was having second thoughts in March… it never would have gone this far.

    The annoying thing at this point is that they might have had trades worked out, but all Brett seems to be doing is holding his breath until he turns blue. He’s not going to get his release, avoiding talking to the teams that they’re trying to work out deals with doesn’t make things any easier for anyone.

    If anything this has made me hate professional sports more than anything. It’s all egos and attitude from both sides.

    Can’t we all just talk about vacuum blocking in NCAA and Madden?


  3. madtowner11 says:

    Brett just wants to play football and the Packers are holding him hostage. It’s bad enough they won’t even let him compete for a starting job, but it seems they don’t want him to play ANYWHERE. Sure, technically he’s their property, but they’re being total jerks about it. I’m not saying the Pack should bow to Brett’s “demands” and release him, but if you know you don’t want him playing on your team (for whatever reason), don’t prevent him from playing somewhere else by asking a king’s ransom in trade.

    Brett’s just doing what he has to do. The Pack front office has forced his hand.

    I’m not saying you’ve changed your mind, but your rhetoric has softened on Brett from a few weeks ago. So at least you’re heading in the right direction…


  4. Glen says:

    I think the fact is that they’re not asking for a kings ransom anymore. Most of the news reports are talking about lower round draft picks and Brett won’t talk to the Jets or Bucs about going there. I can understand how the teams would back off if Brett won’t even talk to them.

    Oh my perspective has changed to the fact that I hate his attitude AND the Packers now. They’ve taken my favorite team and one of my favorite players to watch and made it so that I don’t want to watch either.


  5. madtowner11 says:

    Bah. You just have a bad attitude. I still love the Packers and Brett Favre as much as I always have. It pains me to see them fight, but as can be expected when two loved ones fight, I’ve taken a side (from the start).

    When all is said and done I’ll still love them both–I just hope Favre goes somewhere other than Minnesota or Chicago so I can continue to love him 100%. If he ends up in Minnesota I’ll root for him, but it will hurt.

    Ted Thompson can blow me, though.


  6. jonahfalcon says:

    PS. Bye Manny. 😀


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