Two NEW EA demos..

Today the Madden NFL 09 demo showed up as well as one for their upcoming boxing game Facebreaker. I’m very, very curious but won’t have time to play this morning….

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2 Responses to Two NEW EA demos..

  1. tanis38 says:

    Anybody try the Madden demo yet? I left it downloading this morning but won’t be able to try it until tonight.

    I am curious because I might be caving and getting Madden this year. No APF 2K9 to satisfy my football itch this time around. Boo.

    I keep hearing that visually, it is a pretty big improvement, although from the videos I have seen the animations still look like ass. And that is the most important part of the visuals in my opinion.


  2. jonahfalcon says:

    I DL’ed the Space Siege PC demo.


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