Wednesday Night Thoughts

1. Aww, really too bad about Ponson losing. LOL.

2. Poor Glen and his Wii memory. I know his pain, so I asked some developers I know about the situation. Guess what…the bus that goes from the Wii built in memory to the memory card isn’t even USB 2.0!! The transfer speed is right up there with a 56K modem (okay yes it’s 12Mbps, but still) ! It’s faster to delete games from your Wii memory and download them later than it is to transfer them to a memory card! What a complete joke.

3. Lots of comments today — of all the games to spur comments, I didn’t think it would be Wii LLWS and Tiger Woods 09 Wii. Seriously, the Wii version of TW is exceptional. I don’t need the 360 version — that’s how good it is.

4. Not much time left but today’s Amazon DOTD is GT 5 Prologue for $22…hope you got in on it. I rebought it today….yes, I’m a loser. But hey, I’m a loser with lots of bargain bin games. So there.

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