Thursday night notes

First things first…

– An NHL09 demo is available on the Playstation Store.  How Sony is getting these sports demos a week ahead of Microsoft continues to intrigue me.  I’ll have some thoughts about it tomorrow.

– A new Warhawk addon is available on the Playstation store today as well.  Jetpacks?  Giddyup.  I love how much Sony is adding to that game.  I have fun each time I play it.

– I’m bummed that the Brewers couldn’t pull off the two game sweep from the Cards last night, but such things will happen.  It’s too bad the bullpen couldn’t hold it.  Oh, well.

– The Packers starting offense played 1 play tonight.  Pre-season fever….. CATCH IT!

– I got my copy of International Track and Field tonight.  Holy crap is that game fun.  Seriously… Track and Field fans should run out and buy a copy of that game.  It’ll destroy my DS screen, but it’s wicked fun and totally worth it.

Ok… enough about sports… what a speech…

Good god, Barack Obama gave one of the most impressive speeches that I’ve seen in my life.  Senator Obama just said the things that America really needed to hear.  We don’t need anymore BS politicians trying to pull this country apart… we need people who will try and bring us together.

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1 Response to Thursday night notes

  1. jonahfalcon says:

    Don’t you need an influenza shot if you catch preseason fever?


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