Saturday notes

– International Track and Field is a terrific game.  It’s very challenging and will really test your patience, but it’s a great deal of fun.  I signed up for the online community aspect of the game today and now find that my personal bests are absolutely horrible.  One thing that I’ve found is that if there are game modes that require you to slide the stylus side to side quickly and then press a button, such as the hurdles, you’re better off holding a finger on the L or R button and using that for the jumps.  I found that improved my times quite a bit.

– Quite an eventful day in the Big Ten, Wells gets hurt for Ohio State, Michigan loses to Utah (at home,) and Wisconsin turned the ball over twice inside of the 5 yard line but still won by 21.

– Last night I was watching the Brewers game and saw the replay system that they have in place for Major League Baseball and it made me angry.  They let the on field umpire crew make the call after watching the videos that are piped into the stadium.  Good god… Just let the people in the center in New York make the call.  Are you honestly telling me that the ump is going to see something different on the TV than the guys in the league office are?  Congratulations… you took a system that would have resolved the issue in less than 30 seconds and turned it into a 3 minute ordeal.  Brilliant.

– I finished the first act of Too Human last night. I couldn’t replicate what I was able to do the other night when I somehow skipped the death animation.  All I know is that the story has almost completely lost me at this point… and I’m not sure if I even want to know what is going on.  I really wanted to give the game a chance based on the demo… but I don’t think I’ll be sticking with it too much longer.

– There is a press conference for NHL2K9 next week, so if any of you have any questions, please send them to Dan or myself.  Thanks.

– I do have to say that this will be one of the most interesting series of debates for the presidency in our lifetime.  Hell, I’ll even tune in for the Biden/Palin debate…

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1 Response to Saturday notes

  1. Brandon says:

    I just finished Too Human and the story doesn’t get any better. The big reveal at the end wasn’t a surprise to anyone who knows Norse mythology, which I did. All in all, the game’s a mess and if you’re not feeling it now, continuing to play it will only make it worse.


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