Early Saturday morning thoughts

– I will admit that I missed watching most of the debate… as I was a crap-ton more interested in the Brewers and Mets game outcomes.

Seriously, I get chills when I think about the fact that a combination of one Brewers win and one Mets loss in the last two days will get the Brewers into a playoff series against the Phillies…. and I’ll actually see a playoff game in Milwaukee, in person.

Things looked awful after that loss to the Cubs a few series ago… I’ll be the first to admit that, but man… I just can’t even picture being able to see a playoff baseball game here in Milwaukee.  With luck, they could wrap it up tomorrow and give CC his rest, that he so richly deserves, to get him to start game 1 of the NLDS.

– As far as the debate is concerned… it was on TV tonight, but I wasn’t listening.  McCain just looked angry every time I saw him on the screen.  Also, he never looked at Obama.  That just seemed weird to me.  Oh, well.  I’m sure I’ll be getting a drink of the hateraide for those comments.

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4 Responses to Early Saturday morning thoughts

  1. wadman says:

    1 Brewer win or Met loss will only guarantee a tie and a 1 game playoff in New York Monday. You want 2.


  2. Glen says:

    I thought I wrote that 1 Brewers 1 and 1 Mets loss would do it.

    Got me. I was very tired last night.


  3. JimC says:

    Glen, the Mets and Brewers battling to hang on for that last spot is really one colossal struggle but the battle if ineptness going on north and south of you in Minnesota and Chicago is one giant vote against baseball’s wild card teams. Look at the record of these four teams down the stretch…can anyone honestly say that any of them are really playoff teams? The sad part is that one of them will probably win a playoff series, given the way things play out in MLB. Having a strong team for 162 doesnt seem to mean too much any more as the St. Louis Cardinals as well as a few others can attest to. So you may just be holding onto tickets for the new World Champions…stranger things have happened.


  4. Glen says:


    While I agree with you that neither team really truly deserved the spot, I won’t complain that I get to see them in the playoffs now.

    I’ve never agreed with the 5 game series in the first round. I think it give the advantage to the teams with the worse records in certain series. Typically they don’t have as strong of a starting pitching staff, and when you can trot out your best 3 starters rather than 4.

    Still… I won’t complain that I’ll be sitting on the 3rd baseline on Saturday. Woo!


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