Sunday Fun

Not too often there are hurricane watches in our neck of the woods…

So, at least for the Orioles, all the pressure is off. I thought it was funny that a columnist wrote the best thing about Fan Appreciation weekend was that the games were called early. HA! Poor pressure on winning or anything today huh…

I just submitted the review for Hell’s Kitchen Wii and I’m working on Pure today…as long as he rain doesn’t hit my basement. Could we have a little more rain, please?


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2 Responses to Sunday Fun

  1. jonahfalcon says:

    It was a nice sweep. Thanks for letting the Yanks close the Stadium in style.


  2. Breadmanben says:

    Whoo hoo! Brewers take the lead 3-1 and the Mets are trailing 4-2. I don’t care about either team but I’m pulling for Glen! 3 more outs!


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