Wooooooo – Part Deux

Nice rhyming skills, I’ve got there.

Well, I have plans for Saturday now.  Can’t believe that I have a chance to see playoff baseball in Milwaukee.  I remember watching their last playoff games, when I was 8 years old… and now I get to see them play in person next weekend.  I can’t wait.  It’s going to be a long-ass week…

This really makes up for the egg that the Packers and Badgers laid this weekend.

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7 Responses to Wooooooo – Part Deux

  1. Reese says:

    Wooo-Hoooo DITTO GLEN!! So glad I put in my order for those three tix last week!

    Yowza…I know CC will only be a Brewer for 6 months, but they gotta retire the guy’s number and put it up in the rafters of Miller with all of the other old greats…whatever happens, that man’s performance belongs in Brewer legend…for all time…

    …and you know they’re not going to short rest him again, I would think. SO we’ll likely get CC for that Saturday home start!


  2. Glen says:

    From the sounds of it… they will have CC go again on Thursday. It would be amazing to see a pitcher throw 4 games in 12 days in today’s game.

    CC has already become a Brewer legend. No arguments with you there. The guy is a freaking stud. Best pitcher I’ve ever seen put on a Brewer uniform.


  3. jayhawker says:

    Congrats from the this bitter Cards fan.

    CC really is a beast.


  4. JimC says:

    Welp, we’ll see what he’s got left after being used and abused for the last 3 months. He sure didnt look very tired today, though. Really an impressive pitcher. Glen as much as you hate the Cubs, you gotta be grateful to Lou for marching out the AAA Cubs pitching staff on this most important day in Milwaukee, plus he even tossed you the ultimate bone by putting the game into the hands of Home Run Howry. Congrats Brewer fans, hope to see you in Chicago.


  5. Reese says:

    No offense JimC, but that’s a load of crap…Sweet Lou made no bones about the fact they wanted the Mets in the first round…guy served up about 5 bench players to the Mets Thursday…then suddenly had their #1s out there on Friday with Dempster against Suppan with nothing left to play for? And still lost to McClung of all people…

    …the Cubs are the best team in the NL…but the idea they gift-wrapped that WC is the biggest crock I’ve ever heard.

    Just remember. Joe Torre and company are no joke, and I hope they can get their edge back. The Cubs had a very lazy and complacent look to them that last week. Would hate for them to have trouble getting up for real games again…


  6. JimC says:

    “gotta be grateful to Lou for marching out the AAA Cubs pitching staff on this most important day in Milwaukee”

    Might want to punch up that reading comprehension. I dont believe anything in that statement refers to any day but today’s game…which as stated was a staff of AAA pitchers plus dead-armed Howry. As for the Cubs advancing…if they dont it wouldnt be anything new to me or most long time fans. They ARE the Cubs, after all. It wouldnt be anything we havent seen before.

    Just a side note…those “served up” bench players put up 6 runs on 11 hits. Heh, Milwaukee’s lucky he played the regulars.


  7. chrisd says:

    Congratulations, Glen. The postgame ceremonies at Shea “celebrating” the history of the team in that stadium might be one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever watched. It’s like everyone in attendance was hit repeatedly with a ball peen hammer to the groin and then asked to stay for an hour to enjoy the festivities.


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