XM Now on Sirius, Vice Versa

For those XM listeners who want to hear Howard Stern, you can now add it to your account by visiting XM radio.com. XM owners get Howard, Playboy, Martha Stewart, NASCAR and NFL, while SIrius who want XM get Opie And Anthony and NHL. No baseball. Looks like XM owners got the better deal here :)>

For Sirius owners, click here. One caveat: if you have a lifetime sub, they’ll charge you $150 lifetime for the best of XM on Sirius..so if you will use your radio for 3+ years, it’s a good deal. Um…$150 for Opie? No thanks.

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2 Responses to XM Now on Sirius, Vice Versa

  1. Brandon says:

    Hm. The XM site seems to be down. I need to get the NFL on my radio for this weekend so that I can hear the ‘Skins in Philly.


  2. Brandon says:

    I finally got in and they want an extra 4 bucks a month for the Sirius stuff. No thanks. I’d only listen to the NFL, and then, only the ‘Skins. Hopefully they’ll move to a better pricing model where I can ditch the channels I don’t listen to.


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