Study: Gamers Buy More Games Than They Play

This from the latest issue of "duh" magazine, comes this article. I completely agree with this article. I keep saying I’ll get to it, but I haven’t..meanwhile the credit card bills keep popping in.

On a sports related note, the original LT was on Howard Stern today promoting Blitz 2. It was a rather funny interview, even if they didn’t really talk about the game except at the end.

I’m eagerly awaiting Wednesday November 12, as it will be the day that the Orioles show off their new uniforms, including the road uniform that says Baltimore. I simply cannot wait to preorder mine.


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1 Response to Study: Gamers Buy More Games Than They Play

  1. tanis38 says:

    I can’t say I own any games still in their shrink warp, but I have several games that I have to go back to and “finish”. King Kong (only made it a few levels in before I stopped playing), Lost (terrible game, but as a fan of the show I want to finish it . . . or at least get to the Hatch level), Condemned 2, GTA IV (probably about 30% done), Ratchet and Clank for PS3 (I was loving the game . . . then just stopped playing), Oblivion (I have over 100 hours invested and still haven’t beaten the main quest), The Orange Box (beat HL2 and Portal, but am only a few levels into Episode 1). I am sure there are least five other titles I can’t think of that I left unfinished.


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