Wednesday notes

– As I posted in the comments, I’m having some minor guitar issues with GH:WT.  The green button seems to stick and the star power activates automatically whenver obtained.  It’s certainly annoying, so I’m going to wait and see how the warranty issues resolve.  I would tend to believe that Activision and Red Octane will work together to get a better solution in place soon.

– I love early voting.  I was in and out of the polls in 10 minutes this morning.  According to the clerk, over 10% of the registered voters of my township have already voted.  That’s just too cool.  The funny thing is that when I’ve mentioned to people that I’ve already voted, most of them didn’t even know early voting was an option in Wisconsin.  The word really needs to get out about this.  Also, they should do it nationwide.  Things would be so much quicker on election day if 20 or 30 percent of the country had already voted.

– Issues aside with my guitar, I just like Guitar Hero more than Rock Band.  There is just something about the game that I like more.  Can’t really put my finger on what it is though.  I do like that the set lists change every time you start with a new instrument though.  Rock Band just seems so sterile to me for some reason.  Oh, well.  Personal preference and all.

– So, Netflix will stream some content in HD to the 360 once the new dashboard upgrade is in place.  That’s another nice benefit for Netflix.

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1 Response to Wednesday notes

  1. tanis38 says:

    Early voting has not been as easy here in Miami. Lines have been over an hour long and Governor Christ just finished extending the hours for the polls to 7am – 7pm to make sure everyone can get in.

    I voted on Tuesday and it took me just over an hour. I’m happy so many people are going to the polls (heard yesterday that over 20% of Florida voters have already voted), but it wasn’t such a quick, pleasant experience over here.


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