Game Glut; Tivo & Netflix

I played some MotorStorm Pacific Rift last night, and call me impressed. Graphically it looks more stunning than the original. I still haven’t even opened Fallout or Fable….so little time!!

Just read the news today about Netflix doing streaming on Tivo Series 3s/TivoHD units. I wish it would work with Series 2 as well, but hey, the HD will be great….


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2 Responses to Game Glut; Tivo & Netflix

  1. tanis38 says:

    I feel you. I’ve had Little Big Planet since Tuesday and I haven’t even been able to pop it in. And it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to until Saturday! This is torture.


  2. JHopkins19 says:

    I have played both and can’t stop playing Fallout…its great. Fable is pretty solid as well, but Fallout is the best game I’ve played since Bioshock.


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