Thursday night notes

– So… the Brewers hired Ken Macha to manage the club for the next two years.  I can’t remember the last time that an experienced manager got a two year deal when he started with a new club.  Not that it really matters though.  Almost everyone around here that I’ve talked to, or listened to on the radio seems pretty underwhelmed by the move.  It just doesn’t seem like the candidate base was all that great this time around and as a result, they got a guy that turned them down for the job when they gave it to Yost a few years ago.  Yay.

– I put a lot of time into GH:WT last night and found that I really, really like the game.  Sadly, I think I’m going to have to break down and buy the MIDI to USB cable required for the drum tuning software.  I think my high-hat cymbal isn’t sensitive enough at this point, so I’d like to give that a go.  It’s nice that they have this option, but it’s a bummer that we have to buy a cable to fix our drums… oh, well.

I’m still waiting to see if anything changes on the return policy for their guitars.  I’d like to get mine replaced… but I’m not really feeling like I should have to pay to send it back.

One other thing about the drums… If you’re really used to the Rock Band drums… it’s going to take a while to get used to the extra pad and the configuration difference.  There are some songs on the medium level with pretty complicated off-beats, that make the game a lot more challenging than Rock Band is.  Not a bad thing, just something to note.

– In honor of Wisconsin and North Dakota meeting up tomorrow night.  Here is one of my favorite moments in the history of these two teams.

Nothing says hockey fight like going after the fans…

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3 Responses to Thursday night notes

  1. wadman says:

    Sorry to say Glen, but Milwaukee isn’t exactly a high-end job for managers, especially after the way they treated Yost at the end of last year.


  2. Glen says:

    Oh, I know that. There also weren’t a ton of high profile candidates like there were last year.

    I think the Yost thing probably did put a few people off, but I think if they want a job… they’ll go where the work is. Also, this team has a ton of potential. Especially with all of the changes they’re talking about for next season. (Possibly trading Fielder, aggressively pursuing FA pitchers, etc.)


  3. RumbleDan says:

    Macha is a great hire. I am not sure why people are so sour about him. As a MLB manager he has never finished below 2nd place (in 4 seasons).


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