Black Friday notes

– Dan has been talking so much about APF, that I’m going to pick it up for the 360 when I get back home.  We’ll have to get a few blog games in.

– I woke myself up at 2 to get in on a few of the Amazon deals last night… There was a glitch last night that had the Arcade 360 and DDR for $130, so I placed an order for that.  We’ll see what happens there. Along with that I picked up Okami for the WIi, Animal Crossing for the Wii, God of War for the PSP, and a few others… I probably over did it… but what else is new.

I’d recommend that people pick up Tecmo Bowl for $15… well worth that if you’re a fan of the originals.

– I also picked up Rez HD off of the 360 Marketplace… but just can’t bring myself to buy the 360 golf game… it just didn’t seem all that good when I played the demo… even at 500 points, it’s hard to bite on that.

– Off to a party… hope everyone has a good rest of the holiday weekend.

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