Back To Work Sunday

1. Nice to see the Patriots putting an ! on the long weekend with the worst performance since Drew Bledsoe. Blech.

2. Speaking of gross, check out Hilary Duff destroying a Depeche Mode song. I just can’t believe that Dave Gahan gave the okay on this. How do you take an amazing song about religion and or the non-belief into a song about sex. Hey, I’m pro-sex, but I am completely disgusted that they would sample Depeche Mode. Well, I’m more pissed about the sell out than disgusted. You know what would be worse if someone took a Smiths song and turned it into "Hippychick" ..oh wait they did that. Oh yeah, there’s also a Like A Prayer reference in there too…way to pick ’em all up Hilary!

3. I went to Best Buy and try to use their instore pickup yet again, and it was another disaster. It took four hours to receive my ‘confirmation’ email and then once I made it to the counter, it took 10 minutes to get my item. Then I asked for the $10 gift card for them not getting it to me in time (they have a 1 minute rule). That took another 15 minutes. Way to go, asshats.

4. I’m so exhausted, I think I’m actually ready for work tomorrow.

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