Oh Well

Remember 1982, Earl Weaver’s last year, when the Orioles and Brewers came down to the last game of the season. I was so pissed because the Orioles had a better record than the AL West leading Angels, but that didn’t matter…

Fast forwarding to 2008, the Patriots go 11-5 and get eliminated from the AFC playoffs while there’s a possibility that the 8-8 Chargers get to play.

Unbelievable, but that’s sports in America. Not in say, the English Premier League where the top teams are the top teams and don’t get relegated, but whatever.

In America we will always have issues like this. On the other side, I think it’s fair to say even if the Patriots made it, it would have been a tough road to climb. We’re probably better off not having to worry about it.

11-5 without 3/4 of your starters on defense and a few on offense is nothing to cry about. If you told me we’d be 11-5 on week 1 after Brady went down, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Oh well…is it February yet? 🙂

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3 Responses to Oh Well

  1. tanis38 says:

    And on the other side of the coin, my Dolphins also finish 11-5, win the AFC East and are hosting a playoff game this coming Sunday. All on the heels of a 1-15 season.

    Yes, I am still pinching myself this morning.


  2. jonahfalcon says:

    Dan, no Pats fan thought they’d win 8 games when Brady went down. Pats still need to invest in defense.


  3. jonahfalcon says:

    By the way, didn’t Joe Altobelli lead the Orioles to a WS in 83?


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