Sunday notes

– Around 6 o’clock on Friday night I started to get a headache, earache, and sore throat… then the temp went up.  I hit 103 on Friday, and then 104.5 on Saturday, and finally 105.2 around 10:00 last night.  At that point my wife took me to the ER.   Turns out I have Strep.  Pisser.  So, antibiotics are the order of the day.  Thankfully, my parents were able to take the kids tonight while I’m still contagious.  So, at least I don’t have to watch over them today.  That would have been nearly impossible.

– Well, the Badgers season really ended on a whimper last night as they got thumped by FSU. I think people here were just hoping for them to put a good showing together…boy did they disappoint.  Starting the season ranked in the top 10, and ending it 7-6… that’s just plain fugly football.

– Speaking of Fugly football, I’m sitting here watching the Packers and Lions.  I think that says it all.

– Oh, can someone tell the fine people at Lexus that in a massive recession there aren’t going to be many people giving out cars as gifts to their spouses… Those commercials piss me off every time I see them.

– I think the furor over Wes Welker getting a fine is rather entertaining.  The snow angel celebration has been in the books since 2006.  Is it an idiotic rule, of course… but it’s on the books.

Personally, I think that the fact that it was a “good guy” did something like that that has people so upset.  If it would have been Chad Johnson, no one would have made a fuss.

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3 Responses to Sunday notes

  1. ratedrstar22 says:

    The Packers season wasn’t a complete waste. They are now a part of history by handing the Lions the big 0-16.

    And if all those game winning field goals had gone are way. The Pack would be in the playoffs. Well maybe next year.


  2. jonahfalcon says:

    By the way, Rodgers had a great year. The Packers D was asstastic.


  3. Glen says:

    I’m just astounded how the defense folded at times this year. They even started a mini-collapse today. Thankfully, Rodgers found Driver on that next drive and put the game out of reach.


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