Friday Night Lights

For those that didn’t see it on DirecTV or Easynews, don’t forget to watch Friday Night Lights on NBC. Freaking awesome show.

In other news, I’ve been a bit under the weather with an ear infection and a loss of my voice. Don’t worry, I’ll be better soon.

I’ve been playing NHL 09 and NCAA Football 09…two of the better sports games in recent memory.

On the PC, I’ve been playing Crayon Physics Deluxe, which is pretty cool.

I also installed Windows 7 beta…Microsoft makes it clear, once you upgrade to the beta, you have no uninstall path aside from FDISKing your drive — unless you dual booted, which I didn’t do. So guess I’ll be using Windows 7 beta until Windows 7 final comes out.

The MLB The Show stuff that’s coming out is really getting me excited. The screenshots of MLB2K look great….but I’m a little skeptical until I’m hands on with the game.

The MLB Front Office game was reviewed in the new Game Informer, and they gave it a 3. Now to be fair, they pretty much hate any sort of sim game like this, but still a 3 is a very bad score….guess we’ll have to see what the game is like…

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