Friday night notes

– I always count on the fact that people will forget what I say after drinking too much beer over a weekend, but leave it to Madtowner to call me out on that.  So, without further adieu….

It sort of works for the site, because there is a doofus wearing a Brewers hat. (Oh, and that’s not me.)  Thanks to for the picture.  (I swear, that’s the first time I’ve ever been to that site.)

But, as for the picture of Megan Fox requested in comments?  No can do.  I just can’t handle every request that comes down the pike.

– Speaking of the Brewers, they signed Prince Fielder to a 2 year deal today.  I’m still disappointed that they didn’t trade him to try and acquire some pitching help, but the GM keeps saying that they’re happy with the rotation that they have… ok… whatever you say.

– Next up… I rented Star Wars: Force Unleashed from Gamefly this week and here’s my first thought.  The save points suck.  I hit a bug in the game on the 2nd freaking level and it made me re-do about 10 minutes of gameplay.  That just blows.  I went into an elevator and when I stood on the platform, it launched me up and killed me.  It’s crap like that that just makes me want to return a game and not give it another look.  Very irritating.

– I’ve got a story coming later tonight… so you have that to look forward to.

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