I now understand the biathalon

Earlier in the week, one of my friends suggested to me that I should try out cross country skiing.

Until yesterday, I had never even worn skis, so it was certain to be an interesting event.

One of the first things that I noticed was that even getting the skis on was a minor challenge.  Then getting the poles adjusted so that they are tight enough over your wrist and allow you to push off correctly, added another layer to the event.  I felt like I was already a bit exhausted before we got 15 feet from the building, but I soldiered on… I’m a gamer.  Plus, it cost me 10 bucks, so I couldn’t back out that quickly.

Here’s a question for you.  How many types of exercise can you think of where you are almost entirely reliant on someone else creating a path or track before you even started?

Within a few minutes of being out on the snow, I found that I was completely hopeless unless I was skiing in the tracks that were created by others.  Once one of those tracks disappeared one of my legs would just slide to the side like I was turning myself into a human saw-horse.

Then there were the hills.  Going down them?  Not so bad.  I did have to fight the urge to pull myself into the full skier tuck though… the last thing I needed was to go hurtling down a hill, at what was at least, a horrifyingly fast, 4 or 5 miles an hour.  Going up the hills was a different story though.

If you stay in the tracks, you can shuffle your feet and move about 6 inches at a time… maybe.  If you go outside of the tracks, you have to try and climb the hill like a penguin with 2-by-4’s strapped to their feet.

I can’t say it’s the worst exercise I’ve ever gotten, but I can say that I now understand the biathalon.  I’m positive that after the first 15 minutes that anyone ever spent doing this…. all they could think about was shooting the person that took them.

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2 Responses to I now understand the biathalon

  1. chrisd says:

    Is anyone planning on getting MLB Front Office Manager? I’m kind of curious to hear what you guys think?


  2. Glen says:

    I’m hoping to see a copy of the game this week. I’ve got to say that after watching the videos, I’m pretty interested in it, but we’ll see.


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