Tuesday notes

– Well, the Wisconsin basketball team is more than likely NIT bound.  I just don’t get this team.  They don’t play anything like the Bo Ryan teams of the last 8 years.

Bo’s offense is based on getting every player to post up.  This season, they rely almost entirely on outside shooting.

As far as defense is concerned, certain players don’t look like they want to hustle to cover their man.

It’s just a very odd year, that’s to be sure.   I just can’t really see a scenario right now where they make it to the NCAA’s.  8-8 in the Big Ten wouldn’t do it… and it’s hard to picture this team going 6-2 down the stretch to get to 9-7.

– So, MLB Front Office Manager was released today and I’ve read some mixed impressions so far, but I’m hoping to have a copy within the next few days and can post my thoughts then.   Feel free to post your thoughts here though if you have a copy.

– Dan is pretty under the weather, so we may not hear from him for the next few days… but stranger things have happened.

– I finished Half Life 2: Episode 2 earlier tonight.  What a spectacular game.  I always forget how great the Half Life series is, but man is that fun to play every time.

– I also started up Puzzle Quest again in the last few days.  It took me about a half hour to remember why I stopped playing.  While the story is engaging, you only get tiny snippets of it in between 5 to 10 minute “matches,” and those matches get longer and longer as the game progresses… and it just starts to drive me nuts.

My hope is that Galactrix takes care of some of those issues, but I have my doubts.

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6 Responses to Tuesday notes

  1. Brandon says:

    Your complaints about Puzzle Quest regard the reason most people like it, increasingly challenging matches against stronger foes. No one played the game for the story as it was pretty common RPG fare. Pretty sure they’re not going to change the fundamental structure of the game.


  2. Glen says:

    Yeah. I just found it to be a grind after a while. Just another random puzzle game, one after another. Who knows, I might actually be somewhat close to the end… but I just get bored playing it after an hour or so.


  3. chrisd says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jonah.

    Yeesh, the game sounds horrible. I was thinking of picking it up, but it sounds like it needs some serious patching.


  4. Glen says:

    I appreciate the review as well Jonah. I was reading your impressions over at Operation Sports and saw most of what you put in your review.

    I’m still anxious to see more of the game myself. I think one of the most complicated things to do with a baseball game is replicate the horrible financial system that the game operates under.

    Even games like OOTP have a hard time making it so that the Yankees can spend 8 or 9 times as much as Tampa Bay does.


  5. jonahfalcon says:

    Well, here’s the thing – when a team gives an agent and the player an offer, they’ll usually tell everyone (and the newspapers) the offer to see the reaction from other teams. Major players almost never resign in the 2 weeks.

    And if a team is a cheapskate, they won’t tie up their money in one player.


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