The fun never stops

So, here I sit in the ER with my oldest daughter, who has an undiagnosed pain issue. She started complaining of stomach pain yesterday, but we just figured it was constipation and it would clear itself up with some juice and such.

Well, one day later and she’s in some pretty bad pain at the moment.

We just got blood drawn and are waiting on those results. Next up is a scan to see if her apendix(sp?) is in bad shape.

At least she’s resting now and has stopped crying for a bit.

Sick kids are about the worst thing in the world. There is nothing that you can do other than to just be there. All she wants is for me to give her hugs and hold her and to be home with mom(who has Strep for the 2nd time in a month.)

As I said… the fun never stops.

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1 Response to The fun never stops

  1. jonahfalcon says:

    I’m betting it’s an inflamed appendix. Remind her she gets ice cream. (Oh, wait, that’s tonsils)


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