Kind of back

Wow, talk about a weird coincidence. You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging. You see, I was at the ER yesterday (really) and had a CT scan done (really) and I had an enlarged appendix, which resulted in absolutely nothing!

Well that and I was sent to the ER by my regular doctor because of severe dehydration. I mean the real thing, not the Mariah Carey kind of dehydration.

So I drank 2 liters of fluid intravenously and off I went back to work today.

I don’t know if I have some weird mind melding with Glen’s daughter or what, but that is truly bizarre that we had similar stories, wouldn’t you say.

So yeah, the CT scan shows the appendix is large, but not large enough to take out – nor does it rule out surgery – so I”m kind of in this purgatory…apparently the rationale for this is because there’s an assumption I had “C|Diff”, not related to C|Net….which apparently can happen if you’re given an antibiotic but don’t have a bacterial disease, so instead the drug eats the good bacteria, making you sick, or something.

The only good thing is that because I had an ER referral from my primary care, the whole event is going to cost me my usual copay..$5. I’m sure that hospital bill is insane! Oh well, I would rather have them check everything out on me than not, right?

I’d write about playing games but the only one I’ve been playing is “text message my wife to let her know I will be discharged from the ER”…which doesn’t really have very good graphics.

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