Thursday night notes

– So, just to update… Urgent Care visit, Emergency Room visit, CT scan, a few hours of sleep, then back to the doctor again for an ultrasound and at this point all that they think my daughter has is really bad constipation.  I’m beginning to think that she’s got something blocking things up in there though.  Her stomach is bothering her to the point of crying and there are times where she can’t even walk upright without pain.

Hopefully the medicine that they gave us will soften things up down there and she’ll be able to get whatever is blocking things up, out of there.

I’ll tell you this though, giving a 4 year old an enema… is not fun.  That’s something I don’t want to repeat again any time too soon.

– I got my copy of MLB Front Office Manager today and I’ll post some impressions either later tonight or tomorrow.

– Also today from 2K Sports, Don King Boxing was resurrected and will be released in March for the Wii and DS.  Here’s a link to the site.

I have high hopes for the game, but it is being made by 2K China, who made Top Spin for the Wii… and I was sorely disappointed in that.  Hopefully they turn it around this time.

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1 Response to Thursday night notes

  1. inthenet says:

    Oh dear God, Glen… did you have to mention the word “enema?” I was 19 when I received my first and only enema and I promise you… it is not fun no matter what age!

    Truly hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon.


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