The Woot Slacker

During last week’s Woot-Off, I picked up the original Slacker G1 for $59…of course, after I bought it, they had 3 other Slackers available for purchase including the Slacker G2, making me a doofus..but oh well.

I got it yesterday and wow, even the old version is a great thing…it’s like downloading a portable radio station for free – you don’t have to pick any songs, just say I want (artist) radio and poof, over wifi it downloads a selection of songs to your player. And again, it’s free!

For $3/month you can skip songs as much as you want and save them to your player. You can also play your own Mp3s although the size is limited to 1GB or in my case 500mb (yuk).

What’s the catch? Well, the togo player doesn’t have every artist available – you can have U2 radio, but you can’t have U2 archived on your player – you have to use the web player for that.

Anyway, I still really like it—it’s great for a workout…no playlist required!

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