Holy Crap

Although we are just getting ready for the baseball games, Football is taking the front page here in New England as they are basically cleaning house – first, utility guy of awesomeness Mike Vrabel gets traded. Then Matt Cassel gets traded. What the hell?

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3 Responses to Holy Crap

  1. jayhawker says:


    I was even looking forward to one more year of ol’ Tyler Thigpen. But Cassel for a #2 is a steal. Throwing in Vrabel makes it a mega deal. With the Chiefs moving to a 3-4 this season, Vrabel will be on hand to help teach the kids, as well as doing some heavy lifting.

    Now if we can just keep the Rams or Lions from taking Curry…


  2. jonahfalcon says:

    Vrabel is old. Cassel is not Brady, and the Pats want to get something from him instead of seeing him walk next year.


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