Monday notes

– Re: Netflix.  It sucks.  Really sucks.   This is really making me think about Blockbuster… even though I’ll be giving up the online watching.   The price difference between Blu-Ray and DVD isn’t enough to justify this increase.  It’s a money grab plain and simple.

At this point, dropping Blu-Ray for a while seems like a good option though.

– I got a copy of Don King Boxing for the Wii late on Friday (I didn’t find out about it from my wife until after I posted.)  I played around with it and while it’s a good workout the controls didn’t work well for me when I tried to use it with the balance board.  Uppercuts were almost flawless, I never missed them… but jabs and hooks almost never registered in any of the training modes.

I’m going to give it a bit more time tonight to see if it plays better without the board… or if there is just something that I’m missing.

All joking aside though, if there was one boxing game that I’d really like to play tonight though, it would be Super Punch Out on the Virtual Console (YAY to not needing to worry about Wii storage space again!)

– If you missed the NCAA hockey action this weekend, you really missed out.  New Hampshire’s goal against North Dakota with 0.3 remaining was one of the most exciting things that I had seen in hockey in years.  (Jack Skille’s goal to put the Badgers into the Frozen Four has a special place for me there.)  Add that to Bemidji State (I can hear next year’s cheers at the Kohl Center already… BEMIDJI IS NOT A STATE) making the Frozen Four and you have a spectacular tourney weekend.

In regards to Bemidji, they were the #16 seed out of 16.  It would have been one thing if they just eek’d out a few wins, but they just dominated the two teams that they played, putting up 9 goals and allowing only 2.  It was an awesome thing to see.

– Over the weekend I started up Grand Theft Auto 4 again.  I’m pretty sure I figured out right away why I stopped…. the motorcycle levels nearly drove me to drink…. it made me glad that I have the PS3 version and don’t have access to the Lost and the Damned.

– Funny thing I heard on the radio today.  Michigan State scores 64 and holds a team to 52 and it’s a ball control game.  Hmm… whenever a game like that is played between two Big Ten teams, it’s called an ugly game.  Interesting….

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3 Responses to Monday notes

  1. Brandon says:

    The bikes in Lost and Damned are about a thousand times better. I know what you mean about GTA IV, so I was dreading an expansion where you ride around on motorcycles, but they seriously glue you to the seat of that bike. In the entire time I played L&D, I never got unseated.


  2. madtowner11 says:

    Netflix is officially a greedy bastard company. I ALMOST canceled my subscription yesterday, but instead went down to 1 rental at a time. I pretty much only rent BluRays because they look so much better than standard def dvd’s… and Netflix’s reasoning is that snobs like me will continue to pay through the nose for BluRay. But they’re now going to lose at least $5 a month from me by “forcing” me to drop down to 1 disc at a time. I saw LOTS of posts yesterday from people who outright canceled as soon as they got the Netflix email announcing their bastard change. So hopefully this will hurt Netflix the way it should. Instead, though, their stock went up on the news.

    So lucky for Netflix the 4 or 5 BluRays I’ll watch in the course of a month is worth $10 or $11 or I’d drop them like a bad habit.

    The worst thing is that most of the time when I want a good BluRay that’s a new release, I have to wait at least a few weeks to get it.

    On a side note: How I Met Your Mother is officially my favorite show after the Leeroy Jenkins reference last night.


  3. fozzie says:

    Average premium for a new release Bluray over a new release DVD: 25%. Increase in premiums Netflix is asking for Bluray rentals: 24%.



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