Tuesday Thoughts

1. If you’re playing the Orioles, don’t worry about the score, just knock out the pitcher and you’ll win. They blew a 4-0 yesterday, fresh off the Red Sox 7-0 which they also lost. I’m very frustrated with this team and it’s only April. I just don’t understand some of these decisions. Sign Pedro…at least pretend you’re interested in winning. Thanks.

2. Hmm, the NBA Season is in the playoffs so this week you can buy the Live Season add on for NBA Live on the cheap? WTF? Why would you do this, exactly?

3. NFS Shift : Looks like ‘generic racing game’ to me. After last year’s NFS turd, I don’t have high hopes for this one.

4. There’s an MLB 09 Patch now out.

5. Good news, Madden 10 has Pro-Tak technology. Isn’t this what  you were looking for in a football game. PS — You know what might have been a better idea? Put Madden on the cover, since it is his game, and he’s retiring and all.

6. Tiger 10 does look pretty good. And I am looking forward to the EA Tennis game with Motion Plus.

7. Think I’ll check out what’s left at the Best Buy $10 game sale. I’m guessing crap, but what the heck. You never know. Blitz 2 for $10 is a great deal if you don’t have it yet– this game is a lot of fun.

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1 Response to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. craigsca says:

    Oh man, if the Orioles had Pedro and his 4 innings with 3 runs allowed every 5 days they’d be unbeatable!


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