Thursday notes

– Still settling in to life… trying to make it as normal as it can be.  It was actually refreshing to get back to work.  You kind of start over again, a nice thing.

– I saw that Warner Brothers has a site that allows you to send in the covers for most of your HD-DVD titles and upgrade them to Bluray for $5 a title.  That’s quite a good deal.  I know that I’ll be upgrading at least a few (Ultimate Matrix Collection and Ocean’s Trilogy come to mind.)

– Started playing Fallout 3 on the 360 when I got back.  All I have to say is this for my gameplay thus far.  Stupid Fire Ants.

– While I was on my trip, I read through the first 3 books of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.  Why I waited so long to read these books is beyond me.  The sense of humor in these books is terrific.  Well worth the $8 that I spent on them at the used book store.  (Just picked up the 4th last night, as well as one of Adams other books, Dirk Gently.)

– There is a rumor out there that Dan and I will be trying to do a new podcast tomorrow evening…. I’ll let you know as things develop there.

– Dan could not be more right about Fairway solitare.  That game was the bee’s knees.  Absolutely terrific and incredibly addicting.

– In other gaming news, I see that my City of Heroes/Villians account has been re-activated until Sunday.  Can’t hurt to see if any of the new content is worth a look.

That Best Buy $9.99 game sale is a killer to me.   I still haven’t bought a game this year, but seeing the $10 price point for Soul Calibur 4 is a tough one.   Everyone with a DS should pick up a copy of Tecmo Bowl for $10 though.  Well worth it.

– Lastly for today, I’m downloading the Release Candidate for Windows 7 to load onto my new PC at home.  My boss keeps raving about all of performance that he’s gotten out of the beta version on his PC, so I guess it’s worth taking a look.

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1 Response to Thursday notes

  1. jonahfalcon says:

    It’s fun to shoot their antennae and watch them kill each other.


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