Thursday notes

– Ever have one of those days?  Yeah… it’s one of those for me today.  Had to go and sit at a restaurant for about an hour near lunch time just to keep from losing my mind.  Sigh…

– The demo for Tiger Woods 10 is out on the Xbox Live marketplace.  I’ll give it a look tonight, but to be honest… I’m only really looking forward to the Wii version.

– Why can’t Punch Out be here already?  I really want to punch King Hippo for about 3 hours.

– I reloaded my laptop with Windows 7 yesterday afternoon.  Everything is ok… except for the fact that it will randomly put itself to sleep while I’m using it.  Same thing happened when I had Vista on it.  Lovely….

Here’s a pretty awesome little addon for the Wii.  Hell, I still have all my original controllers.  Might as well pick one of those up when it comes out.  Virtual console games will just feel that much better with the old school controllers.

– There were other things that I was going to mention… but I’ve forgotten them all.  Possible podcast for tomorrow perhaps.

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