Friday notes

– Hot damn is the InFamous demo awesome.  I played through all of the missions last night and can’t wait to play it again tonight.

One thing that I’ve really been lamenting of late is the lack of choice in games.  You can be a “good guy” or a “bad guy” but you always end up killing people in the end.  From what I saw in InFamous, if you’re good…. you can actually “Live Capture” the guys that you’re taking on.   What a nice change of pace that is.

– I can’t remember the last season when I heard of a player denying a trade to Chicago… and then people suggesting that he would probably accept a deal to go to Milwaukee….

The funny thing about Peavy is that I don’t really know where he would fit in right now.  All 5 starters are pitching pretty damn well… and you’d hate to see them get messed with at this point.

Peavy will probably end up with the Cubs, so it’s a moot point.

– Spent some time with the Tiger Woods 10 demo on the PS3 last night and came out feeling like I thought I would.  The game has a lot of polish, but it just seems like the same game that I played 2 years ago.  I’ll have to grab my 08 version just to be sure of that, but I just haven’t sensed much in the way of changes that makes the game seem greatly enhanced.

The Wii version on the other hand… I can’t wait for….

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1 Response to Friday notes

  1. jonahfalcon says:

    Twins Vs. Brewers – you must be psyched.


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