Sunday night notes

– I certainly hope that the Brewers figure out how to freakin’ hit before they play the Twins again next month.  Good grief.  Talk about going into a shell.

– Memorial Day weekend = stripping the deck.  Woo.. catch the excitement.

– Super Macho Man is an a-hole.

– So, Tecmo appears to have forsaken Tecmo Bowl for the Wii and has moved on to Family Fun Football.  The interesting thing is that it kind looks like 3D version of the Tecmo style of football.  It’s coming out sometime this fall.  Hopefully I can get some more info on the game from them soon.

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1 Response to Sunday night notes

  1. jonahfalcon says:

    1-0 win in the 10th for the Brewers on Memorial Day, after Carpenter had a perfecto thru 6.


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